Digital Recycling

Bagless Luxury

Toronto       Montreal

Never touch dog waste again and clean the environment! 

Take a photo and send it to us! we will recycle it!

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Bagless Luxury
This service provides the comfort of leaving it all behind!

With City Deuce, less oil, gas and water is used by city vehicles! 


giving more freedom to our neighbors!

Take a photo of area with the energy cell in it and send it! Everyone with a smartphone can enjoy the comfortable service of City Deuce...

"If I had the option to pay someone to pick my dogs deuce instead of me using a bag AND NOT

touching it when I had dogs and it cost me 5 bucks a day???   ....Id say TAKE MY MONEY!!!"


Evan Anderson  

Natures call...
Our seasonal service allows you the freedom of leaving your 'dogslog' to the experts!

*City Deuce will be responsible for all tickets if issued by City officals*

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