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City Deuce is the very first system in the world to successfully eliminate plastic bags and diverts waste from landfills using smartphone technology!

Eliminating these bags (bio-degradable or not) reduces oil and gas needed by transports to haul this to local stores and eventual landfills...where they will in incinerated.   






This waste is diverted and in turned into much needed energy such as energy and fertilizer!  Creating new fertilizer allows current fertilizer to become nutrient rich concentrated.







We use Biomethanization to help this process with an old technology that is green and is in abundance!  The goal is to use that methane gas to light up places in need with path lamps and parks!

Featured Topic

A photo and GPS 
lets us eliminate 


Eliminating plastic bags decreases production and pollution!

Methane gases

wil now be used

to produce 

bio- fuel energy!

By using bicycles, we reduce our carbon footprint giving us greener paths.   

Want to know how much youre contributing?  Let us know by email and we'll give you the results!

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